Anderson Valley Vineyard Census

The following census is from the 2015 survey.

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Anderson Valley Vineyards -- Summary Sheet

In 2015, the Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association (AVWA) completed a full census of all bearing vineyards (2014) within the legal definition of the Anderson Valley appellation. Vineyards are identified through public records at the County of Mendocino, aerial photography, consultation with local vineyards management services, and through the AVWA membership lists.

Key information compiled through the census is presented below.  Inquires or questions should be directed to the Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association via email:

Breakdown of Vineyard Properties:
Total Vineyard Properties:  91
(Owned by 71 Farmers)

Total Planted Acres:       2502

*Note:  3 known abandoned or completely fallow properties are excluded from this analysis
*Note :  99 fallow acres are excluded from this analysis

Breakdown of Vineyard Properties:

Average vineyard property: 27.5 acres

Median vineyard property:  11.5 acres

Vineyard properties less than 5 acres:  26

Vineyard properties larger than 100 acres:  3

Varietal Acreage (based on a 96.8% sample)

Pinot Noir:  1736 acres

Chardonnay:  559 acres

Gewurztraminer:  103 acres

Merlot:  73 acres

Pinot Gris: 41 acres

Riesling:  22 acres

Varietal Property Count (based on a 96.8% sample) 

Pinot Noir:  87 properties

Chardonnay:  31 properties

Pinot Gris: 13 properties

Gewurztraminer: 12 properties

Riesling: 6 properties

Sauvignon Blanc: 3 properties

*47% of Properties grow just one varietal

*36% of Properties grow two varietals

*17% of Properties grow three or more varietals

Wine Permits:                         

There are 30 bonded local wineries in Anderson Valley

32 tasting rooms are open to the public or by appointment (two operate in commercial space without a local bond)


Varietals decreasing since 2010:   

Riesling (16 acres)

Varietals increasing since 2010:    

Pinot Noir (284 acres)
Chardonnay (60 acres)
Gewurztraminer (18 acres)

Fish-Friendly Farming Acres:   Currently 1,000 acres as of 2010 (45% of total acreage)

Past Census Documents

Varietals Plantings Sheet (2010 breakdown of acreage by varietal)

Decades Planted Sheet (when acreage was planted)

2006 Vineyard Census Summary Sheet