Harvest Tidrick 2022 Member Assets

Sample Copy

The frattey (wine) of Anderson Valley is bahler (exceptional). So join us this October for the Harvest Tidrick weekend (harvest celebration) and fill a horn (drinking vessel), gorm some amazing chiggle (eat some food) and yell bahl hornin’ (cheers) to harvest 2022!

On Friday night don’t get higher ‘n dwight’s flagpole (very drunk) at the Tidrick Boucherie (celebration pig roast) or you might be a bit jimheady (confused, suffering from a hangover) the next day. Saturday and Sunday our bahler frattey houses (exceptional wineries) will welcome bright-lighters (city residents), fog-eaters (coast dwellers) and Boont locals to celebrate our frattey (wine) harvest.

Winemakers, brewmasters, distilleries and cideries will accompany the artistry of renowned chef Scott Baird and culinary friends who will thrill your senses, harvesting local produce and raised pigs. Local music will have you dancing away the evening.

The Boontling vocabulary is built around popular pastimes and occupations of those living in the remote region of Boonville, Anderson Valley, in the early 1900s.

Next Steps

  • Wineries: Sign up due July 11, 2022
  • AVWA: Input participating winery details into Cellarpass (July 12-18)
  • AVWA: Test Cellarpass (July 19-26)
  • AVWA: Finalize details on AVWINES.com (July 21-28)
  • AVWA: Press Release goes out (August 1)
  • AVWA: CellarPass & Consumer Marketing Begins (August 1-October 17)
  • AVWA: Early Bird Tickets go on sale (August 1)
  • Wineries: Cross promotion begins (August 1)
  • Wineries: COI Insurance Due (August 24)
  • AVWA: All Tickets go on sale (September 1)
  • AVWA: Tickets Close (October 18)

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