Winery without a tasting room in Anderson Valley


Winery without a tasting room in Anderson Valley

from 595.38

Industry members who are actively producing wine from the Anderson Valley Viticulture Area but who do not have a licensed tasting room in the Anderson Valley map area:

1–25,000 gallons (10,515 cases or less) | Dues: $525 + 4 bottles

25,000 – 75,000 gallons (10,515-31,545 cases)| Dues: $1045 + 4 bottles

75,000+ gallons (31,545+ cases) | Dues: $1570 + 4 bottles

Note: “gallons” shall be defined as the total number of gallons produced by the member regardless of origin. 

Winery dues additionally include four bottles of wine produced from Anderson Valley AVA grapes, with “Anderson Valley” on the label. These bottles will be used for events, payment for association services, and for other association business.

Case Production:
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